Automatically show shipping rates on the cart

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Display shipping rates before checkout

Use this app to place a widget on your cart page that automatically shows your customers what their shipping options and prices are, before they go to checkout.

Detects your customer's location

Customers don't need to endter their location to see shipping rates. The app determines your customer's location automatically and displays the rates.

Automatic Theme Installation

The shipping widget automatically installs and looks great on all free themes. If it doesn't install and look good, we'll request collaborator access to login and place it correctly for you.

Style Editor

Customize your widget without CSS. Asjust colors, sizes, pagging, margin, alignment, text, and more with a visual style editor.

Specific element ID for advanced placement

If you want to place the widget yourself into the theme, its as simple as entering the element ID of where you want it placed into the app.

Minimal or No CSS options

If you are a front end developer you can choose a minimally CSS styled widget, or no CSS at all, and style the widget from scratch.

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